Dansko clog

You should consider Dansko clogs if you are any one of these:

Healthcare professional – doctor, nurse, aide, pharmacist, etc.
Food service – chef, baker, server, bartender, manager, etc.
Retail sales associate
Or anyone who works on their feet!

Go to any hospital and look at what the doctors and nurses are wearing on their feet. You will see a lot of Dansko clogs, and for good reason. Healthcare professionals can spend long hours on their feet with little chance for rest, and they know that good arch support is important for comfort and long-term foot health. Dansko Professional and Pro XP clogs offer better arch support than many other shoes, helping to minimize foot, ankle, knee and back pain. 

Many medical professionals recommend Dansko clogs to help relieve the effects of plantar fasciitis. In fact, Dansko Professional and Pro XP clogs have the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association. (The APMA Seal of Acceptance is awarded to products of exceptional quality that promote good foot health, manufactured with consumer’s comfort and safety in mind.)

David Parker Shoes is your Middle Tennessee resource for all things Dankso. If you work long hours on your feet, and you haven’t discovered Dansko yet, come by our Coolsprings Galleria store and try them out. Your feet will love you for it!

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